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Android mobile app


Marker Database® Mobile Application is assigned for Smart phones with Android operation system.

Download the Marker Database® Mobile Application from Google Play

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Menu:My Lines

Enables you to:
- Edit Lines
- Create new Lines
- Delete existing Lines
- Show Markers belonged to the selected Line

Menu:Line Details

In this Menu you can edit Line parameters

Menu:List of the Markers

Enables you to:
- Edit Markers
- Add New Marker
- Delete existing Markers
- Display Markers on the Map

Menu:Markers Details

Enables you to:
- Edit Row Number of the Marker
- Edit ID number of the Marker
- Edit Description of the Marker
- Edit GPS coordinates of the Marker


- Display your markers on the map
- GPS navigation to the target marker
- Changing of the marker position by moving of the marker

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